2019-2020 Women's Basketball

2019-2020 Women's Basketball Team
2019-2020 Women's Basketball Team

The Lady Cougars are entering their third season under the leadership of Head Coach Talisha Bridges.

After a devastating start to Coach Bridge's tenure at Kalamazoo Valley during the 2017-18 season, the Lady Cougars improved during the 2018-19 season, logging a 13-16 record and clinching a spot in the NJCAA District G Tournament.

This season, the Cougars are on a new mission: going from striving to striding, and seeing everything through to the very end. "It is not about how fast you get there, that's how you crash and burn. It's the pace that graces you to your goals. That's what's important," Bridges said.

To support their mission, the Cougars have brought in a strong freshmen class to contribute to the program's campaign. Returners Makenna Wilson (Kalamazoo Central), Layna Steele (Vicksburg), DeAshia Sanders (Sturgis) and a host of other well-experienced sophomores look to bring great chemistry and strength to the program.

Bridges has added Daejia Hill to the coaching staff. "Coach Hill is only one year removed from the game as a student-athlete but she brings a fresh energy to the program," Bridges said. "She definitely helps give us an inside view into how our players operate and helps us with ways to better connect with this generation."

Bridges also added, "This year we are taking a shift in culture concept. It's often stressed to our student-athletes to strive for success, strive for greatness, but in doing so a person's process and experience can become rushed. We want to stress to our student-athletes that we have to take everything in stride this season. When striding, you take steps that are more decisive, more rhythmic. In doing so, this creates a pace that is more sustainable for the success of the student-athlete. We are not just coaching student-athletes; we are life-coaching women: future moms, doctors, engineers, vets, etc. This is bigger than just a game, we are preparing for life."

With new goals, visions and players it will be exciting to see what the Cougars put together this season.