2018-2019 Women's Softball Season Outlook

2018-2019 Kalamazoo Valley Softball Team
2018-2019 Kalamazoo Valley Softball Team

The Kalamazoo Valley Cougars return for another season looking to improve their conference record from last year (21-7).

Finishing second in the conference the previous two years, the team is determined to finish first this year. "We have more depth than we've had the previous two years so I'm excited to see what the team accomplishes this season," said Head Coach Morgan VanderBor.

"These players really understand that to be successful they not only need to make themselves better, but grow together as a whole."

VanderBor has been impressed with what she has seen during preseason play. "If the team brings the energy and support they have at practice to our games they will be a tough team to beat," VanderBor said.