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The primary purpose of our Cougar Camps is to develop individual skills while emphasizing the importance of teamwork, self-discipline and sportsmanship.

We want to motivate each camper not only to set high goals, but also to search out realistic ways to approachthe attainment of those goals. We want campers to learn to appreciate the value of fundamental correctness, as well as the value of practice itself.

Our overall aim is to provide the kind of experiences that will enable all of us to feel the joy that comes from sharing with and relating to others in a positive way. We want each camper to discover that real winning involves a proper attitude every bit as much as it does effort and ability.

Online Registration and Waiver

I acknowledge that inherent in this activity is the potential for injury. I further represent that my child is physically and emotionally capable of fully participating in all activities associated with the camp. I acknowledge and agree that KVCC, its employees, agents and contractors has not made, and has no obligation to make, any determination as to my child's fitness for participation in this activity and that KVCC, its employees, agents and contractors shall not be liable for any loss, injury or death related to my child's attendance and participation. I also give my permission for my child's picture to be displayed on Kalamazoo Valley Community College and affiliated websites.


For more information on sports camps, please contact the athletics office at 269.488.4799 or email

Basketball Camp

Contact: Maureen Brown (269) 488-4421 or email

Volleyball Camp

Contact: Jennifer Buikema (269) 488-4780 or email

Baseball Camp

Contact: Cody Piechocki (269) 488-4781 or email

Softball Camp

Contact: Sarah Thomas (269) 488-4126 or email